The following curricula developed by Pastor Ron Pearce are available for purchase. If you are interested, please contact the church office. The curricula cost $25 each and will be provided in the form of a PDF file.


Premarital Counseling

Pastors desire to help couples get their marriages off to a great start. Having had the joy and privilege of counseling couples for over thirty-five years, Pastor Ron Pearce gleans the wisdom and insight learned from counseling others and has incorporated it into a comprehensive premarital counseling curriculum. If only we could take all the lessons people learn the hard way and give them to newlyweds so they would not make the same mistakes! That is Pastor Ron’s goal for the premarital counseling. Covers principles for a successful marriage, communication, finances, wedding planning, intimacy, and much more!


Leadership Training

The church is in perennial need of leaders. But leaders will not just appear, they must be developed. Leadership concepts will not be learned by osmosis; we must set aside focused time with men who desire training, to discuss concepts relating to Christ’s Church. Here, Pastor Ron Pearce presents a thorough curriculum addressing the essential facets of biblical church leadership. See the Table of Contents.


Sunday School: New Members and Inquirers’ Class

For those in the process of making a reaffirmation of faith and planning to soon join a church; and for inquirers. Topics include your roots in church history, your roots in church theology, your roots in the church’s standard, your roots in church function, and your roots in church life.