Adult Fellowship

Scripture tells us time and again that God uses other believers in our lives and in the church to grow us and mature us in our walk with Him. It is an essential part of the Christian life to bear one anothers burdens, to rejoice together, to mourn together - to show love in tangible ways. It goes well beyond what can take place only on a Sunday morning. We take this truth very seriously at Church of the Covenant and take every opportunity to encourage our members to be involved in the life of the church whenever possible, to be with each other whenever we can, and we try to offer many opportunities.

What's true for the youth is true for the adults as well. Sunday School is a great place to get to know and interact with the other members in the church. It is a vital place of learning and iron sharpening iron.

Worship is the place where our shared focus on our God, His glory, and the wonderful savior He has given to us in Jesus Christ builds the foundation for all relationships in the church. It is our trust in Christ and finding our deepest satisfaction and all of our deepest needs in Him that allows us to have deep, fruitful, joyful and abundant relationships with one another.

But as we say above, Sunday morning is not enough. We need each other all the time. We need the relationships in the body of Christ to bear each other up as we walk together throughout the week, fellowshiping together, being in prayer with and for one another, bearing one another’s burdens and pointing each other to Christ is the only way we can make it faithfully through this pilgrimage we are on.

We have several small groups that meet throughout the week to meet these kinds of needs. Some groups are focused on bible study, others are more focused on prayer and fellowship, but all are focused helping each other to fight the good fight and finish the marathon race set before us. Currently we have a men's prayer breakfast, a women's reading group, a mother's reading group, a men's reading group and several small group bible studies that meet in homes in Andover, Hackettstown, Washington, and Great Meadows, NJ as well as in Easton, PA. Please check the calendar of events for specific times and dates.

We also have Adult Fellowship activities that meet throughout the year, whenever someone has a good idea and wants to get together. There are game nights, cooking classes, knitting groups, scrapbooking, volleyball, and whatever else may get people together to enjoy one another and build each other up in the faith.

We believe life happens in the church. And so we greatly encourage our people to be deeply involved in one another’s lives, to build relationships and accountability with one another, so that we all might grow up together to be more and more conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, as He is revealed to us in Scripture.

Part of life in the church is reaching out to those outside the church with Word and Deed. Jesus Christ has called His people to make disciples of all nations and to be His witness to the ends of the earth. At church of the Covenant we try to do our part for the kingdom through personal evangelism, short term missions trips, and supporting OPC missionaries around the world.

We believe that all evangelism begins from the pulpit. The preaching of God’s word is the main focus of our efforts to bring people to Christ. Our goal is to equip God’s people to go out and share all that they have seen and heard so that others will come and hear for themselves of all the glories of our God and Savior. One way we increase that particular effort is our local AM radio broadcast, which airs Sunday mornings at 8AM on 1510 WRNJ. 

Another way to share Christ with our neighbors is through local outreach and service. We try to keep involved in the community through our food pantry and involvement in town festivals and the summer Hope for Hackettstown outreach. We also give our young people and adults opportunity to try missionary work through yearly short term missions trips. Whether it’s personal evangelism on the boardwalk in Wildwood, putting on a roof for those in need in West Virginia, or helping those who have been struck by tragedies in New Orleans or Haiti, these trips give God’s people a chance to share the love of Christ with those in need and also experience the mission field in a way they would not be able to at home. It stretches their comfort zone and gives them opportunity to search their own hearts to see if they might be called to full-time missionary work.

In all these things, it is our hope to build up the body of Christ in a community that honors Him above all things, all for His glory.