Children and Youth

Children are one of the church’s greatest resources. The Lord Jesus Himself calls us to bring the children to Him and that is our goal in all of our youth ministry. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for the children to witness the godly examples of older believers, fellowship with one another and build relationships that will strengthen faith while learning more about their God and all that He has done on our behalf.

Sunday School is a great place for kids to get to know each other and to get to know their God and Savior. All great youth ministry starts here. With Christ at the center, no relationship can ever fail.

But that’s just the beginning for us, we have several youth ministries that we love and welcome all to come to join...

Cavaliers - The Cavaliers is our boys club for ages 7 and up. Our slogan is, ‘Great stuff you can’t get anywhere outside of Christ,’ and that sums up our goals and mindset for each meeting (First and third Fridays from September to May). The boys have a fun and exciting time together at church and see that this is where they belong. You will not find a better group of counselors anywhere. Most of the older boys love Cavaliers so much that they stay on as junior counselors so they can help guide the younger boys.

Tulips - TULIPS is a girls club for ages 5-12 that meets the first and third Fridays of each month from September through May. Girls older than 12 are encouraged to take up leadership roles during the meetings. During a typical meeting we play games, have a Bible lesson, memorize scripture together, work on projects and typically end with a snack. Examples of projects in the past have been: quilting, jewelry making, planting flowers around the church, and making fleece tie blankets for new babies and those who are sick. We generally look upon our projects as times to serve others. The goal of TULIPS is for the older women to teach the younger women what it means to be Christian woman (Titus 2).

Youth Group
- The purpose of the Youth Group is to build strong Christian bonds and relationships between our covenant young people. As they go through this very important time in their lives they will be exposed to tremendous evil and significant temptations. In school, at the very least, their faith will be challenged plus they will face pressure from their peers to conform. If we want them to be "light-bearers" they need our prayers, sound biblical teaching AND the fellowship of like-minded souls. This is where the Youth Group comes in. There are lots of fun activities from white water rafting to scavenger hunts to game and talent nights, but we also try and instill a heart for service to God’s people and the world through services projects throughout the year. Our key verse, Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, teaches us about true Christian fellowship: "Let us improve our opportunities of Christian fellowship. Where two are closely joined in holy love and fellowship, Christ will by his Spirit come to them; then there is a threefold cord." —Matthew Henry.

College & Career Group - This group provides fellowship and discipleship opportunities for young adults whether they are in the work place or studying in college.